The Top Ten Fairy Tales Fractured in 2014 by Emily Andrus

Fractured fairytales are the best! ❤

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Fairy tales are as important to the literary world as bacon is to life—they’re foundational, ensconced in our societal psyche. Modern stories still thrive on this foundation, including the ever popular “fractured fairy tales,” which present the traditional tale with an unexpected twist. They make for an excellent unit in the classroom with a few example books; fairy tales are a great writing prompt for all grades. The following ten fairy tales have been the inspiration for several new books published last year.

Little Red Riding Hood


A little girl being waylaid by a wolf on her way to Grandma’s sound pretty dangerous. Well, what if that little girl is actually a ninja? As one of my most favorite picture books released this year, Ninja Red Riding Hood from Corey Rosen Schwartz and Dan Santat definitely adds some high-flying, action-packed excitement to the original tale. Also released were the…

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The First Post!

I don’t know why, but I always feel I have to have this dumb first post entry. It makes me feel better when I don’t know what to write. And it helps to introduce myself, which I have yet to do with this dumb post…

You can call me Tiff. I’m pretty easy-going like that. I want to be an author (the professional kind), but I need to finish my first manuscript before that can happen. Getting close to 15,000 words, though. And so far, it seems to be coming along nicely.

I also started making jewelry. I don’t have very many pieces yet, but I do plan on selling them at some point. Prices are ranging from $10-$20 USD, which isn’t bad. I may post some pics on here when I’m ready to sell. 🙂