Tiffany Bush is an aspiring author (aka career in progress) and working on multiple novels at once. If she could ever concentrate on one at a time, something might get done. She’s working on that issue.

She is also the founder, owner, CEO, designer, and saleswoman of Astria Jewels, her handmade jewelry “company.” She finds this challenging. She is very good at creating the pieces of art, but has a hard time judging sizes due to her small stature.

Tiffany is also a nature enthusiast. She saves ladybugs and their larvae from death-by-pool, and fears those eight-legged crawly things called “spiders.” Except the one currently in her bathroom. He minds his own business. (Hey, she’s not unreasonable.)

As far as a zombie apocalypse, yeah, it could happen. Whether it’s by chemical warfare, lab testing gone wrong, or mutated gene, that is still to be determined. We’ll know when it happens.


What do you think?

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